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5 oz large Epsom Salt laden bath bombs, they have a touch of Sweet Almond Oil to soften your skin.

We strive to find the balance of a pleasing amount of fragrance without it being overwhelming - more is not always better.

We sacrifice a little bit of fizz due to the quantity of epsom salts in the bombs - we think the water softening properties of the epsom salts makes the trade off well worth-while, and the bombs are large enough to still bring that special luxury to your tub; they are big - just a hair smaller than a tennis ball.

We color our bombs to make them pretty, not to color you or your tub - these bombs don't make a mess in your tub, and won't clog the jets in your whirlpool.  

Due to these being hand made in small batches the bombs will vary in appearance. 

Ingredients:  baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, fragrance, color, sprinkles, sweet almond oil. 



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